CWs: imprisonment, implied romance, being seen as a monster, violence

short game that takes place before a game im making currently in development. made for the Bipsi Launch Jam. i love this tool and i def plan on making more stuff in it for fun some time.

POV: you are QUINCE, an unkillable werewolf. you have decided to be imprisoned for your entertainment. you cannot be stopped. however, the kingdom that imprisoned you has done more than just bother you. punish them for their transgressions and return to your cave.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsAnimals, bipsi, Bitsy, Dogs, Furry, Gay, LGBT, Romance, werewolves, wolves


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This was quite cute


This is so cute! I honestly want to see more of what happened between Quince and Purple, but I'm happy enough with the ending. Thanks for making this!

thank you! and you will see them again, i am not done with these two just yet.


I loved this so much! I love how the characters felt so developed despite how short this game is haha, really made me fall in love with them and the game as a whole! 

aww thanks, thats because they are developed, hehe... in due time i hope youll get to meet them again! hopefully sooner than later.


This is a wonderful game. I'm glad to see some of the sensibilities that still resonate with me but decided to abandon for other reasons in this jam.

thanks a lot! good luck with your other games!


aw, this was really delightful! i loved it!

aww thanks a lot!


This is so darling! I love how fleshed-out the world seems from such a small game!

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wow, thank you so much! it is part of a canon that i've been working on for 2+ years. which, if you think that sounds crazy considering the amount of games ive released in that time... youd be absolutely right! i am trying my best, thank you for the kind words.